Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Nadia Blog Takes Next Step

Hello everyone...our new blog has just gotten its own RSS feed for all you techies out there!  We are also in the process of registering the blog with Technorati (274NEBPARJUE) which is the reason for this post, as they need to see the verification code just posted...every one wave for the SPIDER!

Please join our blog membership...see sidebar.  This will assure you stay on top of all our events, as you will receive and email every time something new appears here on the blog...look for the Sandwich menu page sometime tomorrow!

Also, you can help us get noticed by Google if you do a Google search for us, and click in through that, though we also love bookmarks...hint, hint. 

Another hint...please Google Plus one us at the bottom of each post, which denotes you like what you read...hint provided by the Mountaindale After Dark blog, also created and maintained by Marcwood Social Imaging.

Hope to see everyone this weekend...Donna Singer is going to be leading the entertainment charge this Friday night (March 23), and Saturday night is our Luau Party...SURE TO BE A FUN EVENT!