Nadia's Pastries

Pastries from the old world, Nadia's pastries are truly a taste of Elegance.  These special order delicacies are not to be missed.  Please place your orders at least one day ahead.  Great for Sunday mornings, meetings, or for that special event.  (845) 693-5104

Pastries by Pound

Ruggulah  (Chocolate or Cinnamon)                        $7.99
                (With Nuts)                                           $8.99
Tlumba                                                                 $7.99
Baklava                                                                $8.99
Strudel     (Poppy Seed)                                        $7.99
                (Walnuts)                                             $9.99
                (Apple)                                                 $7.99
Pecan Cuvi                                                           $7.99
Brawny                                                                $7.99

Assorted Goodies

Strawberry Shortcake                                         $20.00
(9" Round with 2 layers)          
Chocolate Cake                                                  $25.00
(9" Round, Raspberry filling/cream frosting)       
Cheese Cavoc                                                    $12.00
Macaroons (one dozen)                                       $12.00       
Pita-Burek (9 inch)                                                $6.99
(cheese, spinach, potato, onion)
Pirogi (one dozen)                                                 $6.99